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We like our shorts short and our planet healthy. As a small team of explorers, we want to do everything we can to make the world a better place, even if that means sacrificing our bottom line. 10% of every sale is donated to environmental charities, including The Save Indonesian Endangered Species Conservation Fund, SEEturtlesThe Phoenix Fund, and other carefully selected partners. Explore all our colors and discover how helping the planet and upgrading your social media feed can go together like mimosas and sunshine. 

Our shorts are ethically made at a small manufacturing facility in the jungles of Northern Thailand. We avoid working with companies in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India because they're the roaring engines behind unethical, fast-fashion practices. We instead advocate for slow fashion that has a tight focus on an ethicalcomfortabledurable, and versatile end result. When you purchase Venture Supply shorts, you invest in ethics, values, and production that supports fashion for good. For us, creating colorful mens shorts is a means to an important end. We want to set a new standard for fashion: clothes that uplift, not exploit. We want to turn heads and start meaningful conversations. To do this, we need your help. Your purchase of our short shorts contributes to protecting and preserving our wonderful environment.


Sustainably manufactured, our shorts are made to give Planet Earth's endangered species a fighting chance. Each color features a unique embroidery representing a real-world animal that is in need of protection. 


Our flexible shorts are produced for comfort. We've poured our hearts and our time into creating the perfect fit. These bad boys feature a relaxed drop-crotch design made with our signature, ultra soft stretch-cotton to provide a natural feel that's never constraining.


Take our colorful shorts on your next adventure. We designed them to be durable. Rips and tears don't stand a chance against our inwoven spandex. You'll be hanging on to our shorts for years to come. 


Our shorts are perfect for trailblazing, exercising, couch-lounging, and more. We created them to cater to your diverse lifestyle. Don't be surprised if they quickly become your go-to choice for every warm weather occasion.