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  • Signature stretch-cotton fabric is durable, flexible, and extremely comfortable.
  • Large, 12-inch deep pockets
  • 4.5-inch inseam
  • High-quality elastic waistband handles a wide range of waist sizes (see below)



Each color of shorts is named after the habitat which the real-world animal represented on the color's unique embroidery calls home.

The Vaquita featured on our Cortez shorts is a tiny, elusive porpoise that lives in the sea of Cortez, near Baja California. Few people have ever documented them alive. The reason for this elusiveness starts with a fish called the Totoaba. Asian markets have created demand for swim bladders of Totoaba that share the Vaquita's habitat. Destructive gillnets used to catch Totoaba strangle and drown Vaquita by the hundreds. Their population has decreased by 90% in the past 20 years thanks to harmful, careless fishing tactics. Current estimates claim that there are only 30 individuals left on the planet.