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  • Signature stretch-cotton fabric is durable, flexible, and extremely comfortable.
  • Large, 12-inch deep pockets
  • 4.5-inch inseam
  • High-quality elastic waistband handles a wide range of waist sizes (see below)



Each color of shorts is named after the habitat which the real-world animal represented on the color's unique embroidery calls home.

The Sumatran Elephant featured on our Matra shorts is a jungle giant that is critical to healthy forest ecosystems. This small species of Elephant exclusively lives on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Sumatra has undergone some of the most impactful deforestation in regards to all Asian Elephants' habitats, which has eliminated and killed off localized groups of Sumatran Elephants from topical ecosystems. About 66% of lowland forest in Sumatra has been demolished over the past quarter-century, and roughly 70 percent of the Sumatran elephant’s habitat has been destroyed in just one generation. There are currently an estimated 2,400-2,800 individuals left in the wild.