Our Story


Venture Supply Shorts Founder, Jordan Opel in Borneo


"It all started when I flew 8,151 miles away from home to grow as a global citizen. I spent 2 years exploring everything from stretches of white-sand beaches and mountains thick with vegetation to smoggy concrete jungles and crowded markets of street vendors. After wearing through several pairs of cheaply made, roadside-bought shorts, I was craving a simple product that would keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle while making a colorful statement."

Venture Supply Founder, Jordan Opel


After establishing a home base in Northern Thailand, Jordan was quickly exposed to one of the country’s most popular business practices — elephant excursions. Despite being marketed to unsuspecting travelers as “sanctuaries,” many venues for these tourist traps engage in exploitation and abuse. Unfortunately, unethical elephant treatment runs rampant in Thailand, largely sustained by misled or uninformed tourists and funded by foreign corporate investors looking to turn a profit. In the wild, the Indian elephant's habitat is shrinking due to logging while Chinese markets have created an irrational demand for ivory. As a result, Indian elephants were listed as an endangered species in the late 1900s. After considering the numerous factors affecting these jungle giants, Jordan wanted to do more to raise awareness, combat misinformation, and give committed organizations a better chance at preserving the lives and dignity of majestic creatures like the Indian elephant.

As far as concerns for ethics go, Asia is home to another, more infamous business practice as the origin of the fast fashion industry. Workplace safety, poverty-level wages, and a disregard for the environment are commonplace throughout much of the South Asian garment manufacturing marketplace. When Jordan and his friends needed reliable, comfortable, photo-friendly shorts for traveling, they found them widespread but rarely in good condition. They were designed more for a quick sale than long-term satisfaction and durability. After having to discard several pairs of these shorts, we had enough. Since we couldn’t find ethical, durable, comfortable, and versatile shorts, we decided to create them ourselves with the help of an experienced team of well-treated workers in Northern Thailand.

With all of this in mind, we sat down and created the concept of clothing for a cause. Thinking of others like us — expats, travelers, digital nomads, and explorers — we envisioned ethically sourced adventure wear that gives something back to this beautiful planet that we love learning about. 

From the beginning, Jordan wanted to create a sustainable business that practices what it preaches. He wanted to design a brand that builds a community around seeing the world and making it a better place. And he wanted that message to be something that people could wear on their sleeve — or, in this case, on their legs.


With that, Venture Supply was born. 


Our mission is simply to leave the world in a better place than the way in which we found it. Whether this means increasing the numbers of critically endangered animals, removing certain species from the watchlist, or creating awareness about preventable activities; ethical ambitions form the core of our company. The 10% pledge we make to safeguard the existence of endangered animals is just the beginning of our long-term strategy. With your help, we can increase contribution amounts and create more wearables that inspire others to pay attention to preventable global challenges. 

We encourage you to join us on this impactful adventure and support a clothing brand that improves our planet! We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line here, or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.