Our company arose out of a passion for exploring planet Earth. As explorers, we want to do everything we can to make the world a better place. That's why 10% of every sale is donated to environmental charities. We partner with small, focused organizations that are on the front lines of endangered animal welfare. The following partners have been fully vetted for historical success, potential impact, and measurable objectives. When we donate our contributions to these organizations, we select those that are in the most need of funds. This means that your purchase may not directly impact the animal on the pair of shorts you receive. 


SIES Fund Logo Image The SIES Conservation Fund

The Save Indonesian Endangered Species Conservation Fund is a not-for-profit organization working with grassroots groups on the ground in Indonesia. They are creating change and delivering real conservation outcomes. Indonesia's rainforests are being decimated leaving the last remaining Indonesian elephants, orangutans, tigers and rhinoceros teetering on the verge of disappearing from the Earth forever. Every purchase of our shorts will help the SIES with reforestation efforts and restore the habitat of these rare and amazing creatures. Their major reforestation work is in Way Kambas National Park Sumatra. They also support smaller projects at Lamandau in Kalimantan. Their projects are long-term with target goals spanning 20 years, to ensure maximum success. Reforestation projects require constant policing, rapid fire fighting responses, ongoing seed collection and water supply for seedlings. 


Logo for Vaquita CPR Venture Supply Partner Vaquita CPR

VaquitaCPR’s goal is to bring vaquitas into temporary human care until all gillnets for shrimp and finfish are banned and removed from their habitat. Particularly harmful are the illegal nets to catch a large fish, the totoaba, which is butchered for its swim bladder, smuggled to China and Hong Kong, and sold for thousands of dollars each. Along with the totoaba and masses of other marine life, vaquitas get entangled in these nets and drown. As Vaquita CPR prepares for this bold conservation endeavor, the world’s best biologists and veterinarians joined the efforts. Read the details of the rescue plan here, and the scientific paper that summarizes how the project went and lessons they learned as they continue working on ways to save the world’s most endangered marine mammals. Currently, there are only about 30 Vaquitas left on planet Earth. 


The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF)

Mountain Gorillas are one of our closest relatives, sharing 98.6% of our DNA. This makes them the closest link to mankind. The MGCF is working to help save these animals from extinction. Dr. Dian Fossey asked Dr. Ruth Keesling for help back in 1983, when there were just 248 known mountain gorillas to be alive. Today, there are estimated to be about 880 in the wild. These animals are not seen in any zoos, but only in the wild. The MGCF  and Venture Supply believe that since we are these animal's closest relatives, we need to help them. Contributions given to the MGCF impact their ability to train and educate eager individuals who want to make a difference for these creatures. you can learn more about their projects here.


 SEE Turtles

SEE Turtles protects endangered sea turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts. Their Billion Baby Turtles program provides support for important turtle nesting beaches and has helped save more than 1 million hatchlings. Too Rare To Wear is a campaign working to end the demand for turtleshell products. Their conservation trips provide volunteer and financial support for conservation efforts and their school programs help teachers and students learn about these incredible animals and how to protect them. Their latest program, Divers For Turtles, inspires divers and the dive industry to support turtle conservation efforts. Your Venture Supply purchase will help get hatchlings to the sea and provide income for rural communities around Latin America. For every dollar given to SEE Turtles, they can save five hatchlings. 



Phoenix Fund Logo The Phoenix Fund

The Phoenix Fund is a Vladivostok-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization. They closely monitor the wildlife of the Primorsky Krai region, and develop, implement and administer important projects aimed at conserving the biodiversity of the Russian Far East. In their projects, they co-operate closely with foreign environmental organizations and develop links with the local authorities, environmental NGOs, scientists, educational institutions, and the public. Their tactics include improving the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in seven protected areas, increasing chances for survival of orphaned, injured and sick tigers and leopards, promoting environmental education and outreach, and enhancing the skills of rangers and educators. Proceeds from one pair or our shorts provides fuel costs for half a day of anti-poaching patrol by vehicle.